Attuned to lessen visual fatigue and eyestrain
Presents a clean and low-glare look and feel
Based on well balanced color selections
Offers harmonic syntax highlighting
Focused on readability

clean sheet theme
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Read the introductory Clean Sheet feature description blog post. Catch up on the latest feature contributions with the New & Noteworthy page.


JRE 8+, Windows 10 or Mac OS X, Architecture 64 bit, Eclipse 4.5, and newer.


Drag the 'Install' link below to your running Eclipse instance
Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client
Select Help > Install New Software...
P2 repository software site @
Feature: Code Affine Theme

Continuous Integration Build

To check out bug fixes or brand new developments you might have a look at the continous integration build output.
CI repository site @

Theme Selection

Preferences: General > Appearance > Theme: Clean Sheet


Published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License, version 1.0. The feature bundles the Source Code Pro font-face which is published under the terms of the SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE, version 1.1.

cream theme
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The FlatScrollbar overlay mechanism used by the Windows 10 Clean Sheet variant is currently only available for table, tree and styled text based UI components. Due to the variety of the Eclipse ecosystem it might not work properly in all scenarios. Issue and usability reports are highly appreciated to improve the user experience.